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Little Atmos

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Little Atmos: Forest air generator for healthy breathing air.

The Little Atmos is the latest, as well as because of its small dimensions,
the most compact vitalizer of the Airnergy product line since the founding
in 2000. Designed for use at home or in the office, in the sense of
precaution, for entry or as a second device, the small power dwarf, as he
is already affectionately called by customers, moult probably possible to
the favorite of all vitalizers. The occupied floor space corresponds to the size of a book in DIN A5.


Recommended application time per session: 21-40 minutes


Many thousands of Airnergy devices are in use worldwide at various medical institutes, commercial facilities and in private households. Recommended and proven are treatment series of at least 10 or 20 applications of 21-42 minutes each. For chronic conditions such as COPD, daily or multiple daily applications are not a substitute. During Airnergy spirovital therapy you wear light breathing goggles or a breathing headset. You can use Airnergy while lying or sitting, breathing as you always do. During the application you can close your eyes, relax and rest for a while. If your schedule does not allow it, you can also read, talk on the phone, continue working on the computer or watch TV. Airnergy unfolds the energy in the body even without your doing.


It is estimated that several hundred million people around the world are already suffering from COPD; therefore, we can certainly already speak of a widespread disease. (COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). According to the motto of Airnergy: "We can not change the body but the air we breathe", the increasing successes of Spirovitalthrapie show beyond doubt that the inhalation of energized air through an Ainrergy breathing device such as the Little Atmos, can also be considered by medical professionals as a recognized therapy.


The scope of delivery includes all accessories for immediate start as well as use. In addition, a practical case for easy storage of the nasal cannula in use.


Standard scope of delivery:

  •     - 1 x Little Atmos breathing device (vitalizer)

  •     - 1 x universal power supply (12V DC 1,600 mA)

  •     - 1 x glass bottle incl. bubble element (max. 100 ml)

  •     - 5 x nasal cannula (1 x children, 4 x standard)

  •     - 2 x air filter (V2)

  •     - 1 x nasal cannula bag

  •     - 1 x instruction manual

  •     - 1 x quick start guide


Supplied in beauty pack:

  •     - 1 x Little Atmos breathing device in beauty carrying case

  •     - 1 x Terry towel set consisting of a wash mitt, hand towel and shower towel (100% organic cotton)

  •     - same accessories as in the standard scope of delivery


A special care of the equipment is not necessary. Except for the regular change of the low-cost air filter (2 pieces included) after every 50 hours of operation (about 75 applications), there are no follow-up costs.


The warranty period is 24 months.


All AIRNERGY devices are manufactured exclusively in our factory in Germany, are equipped with the highest quality materials and are designed in detail for a long life expectancy.


After approximately 2,000 hours of operation (equivalent to 3,000 - 6,000 individual uses), a "Service2000" is recommended. The life expectancy of the Little Atmos is designed to exceed 10 years. Operating costs are low.


The Little Atmos respirator has three power levels: 50%, 75% and 100%.


An easy-to-follow instruction manual explains how to get the AIRNERGY device ready for use in just a few steps.

  •     - For the demanding home user

  •     - For occupational health care

  •     - Commercial facilities (second device)

  •     - For the medical practice or clinic (second device)

Recommended application time:

  •     - per session: 21-42 minutes (or individually after acclimatization)

General information about the Little Atmos:

  •     - LCD display

  •     - Automatic self-test

  •     - Airnergy dual catalyst technology

  •     - Integrated color light therapy (blue)

  •     - 3 power level (50% - 75% - 100%)

  •     - Microcontroller controlled electronics

  •     - Individual programming of the application time

  •     - Switchable audible signal & bottle illumination

  •     - 5-language menu navigation (DE / EN / FR / IT / ES)

  •     - Optional: premium bubble element, illuminated nozzle

  •     - Dimensions (mm) without glass bottle: 210 x 96.3 x 188 (W x H x D)

  •     - and much more

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